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Founded in 2015 as a home for choreographer Alysa Pires, APDP is a project-based company in Toronto, ON. Through highly dynamic physicality and quiet tenderness, APDP explores humanity at its most intimate and its most extreme. 

Through the support of a residency at the Heliconian Club of Toronto, APDP presented three programmes in the 2015/2016 season, resulting in the remounting of two older works and the creation of three new works including the company's critically acclaimed full-length debut, Exterminating Angel. 

APDP has been presented by the Canadian Opera Company's Free Concert Series, Fall for Dance North's Open Studio, the dance:Made in Canada Festival, The Toronto Fringe Festival, Dance Ontario DanceWeekend, Dance Matters, and Series 8:08. 

Photo of Michaela Reichenbach by Adam Sakiyama

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